here you are, our very own storyboard or story line or call it what you want.

p/s: Dr Rosseni & En Helmi and those who are concern (members of the group) so sorry for this tardy uploading of storyboard. Well actually, i did it on purpose because i want people to take a good look at our video beforehand. So that, it will be real surprise when you guys watch the awesomeness of the video first right? Anyway, there are some changes made to our video. For instance, we decide to not do the Pasar Malam and Alamanda scene in our video due to time consuming. However, other than that, we stick to the story board.



This is what we have come to after a thorough discussion and meeting. There’s a sudden change of plan and concept due to our lack of equipment.


  • Video will have two host which function only to introduce the place which are Aqila and Luqman due to the lack of equipment.
  • Video will consist mostly of video and a little bit of snapshot. The documentary readings will be done through voice over where we will introduce more deeper about the Putrajaya.
  • The video will shoot the host walking through Putrajaya as they explore around it, trying the food and doing the activities.
  • It will be an outdoor filming most of the time and the filming will be on day and night.
  • Equipment includes video camera, computer for file transferring, microphone for voice over and camera.


We’ve been looking through some shows that focus on traveling and introducing places like “Destinasi Bajet”, “Jom Terokai Perak”, “Iam Wright’s Globe Trekker”, Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan” etc from Youtube and television.

  • We also seek advice from people about the places we should visit as well as our idea.
  • The mood of the video would be relax, happy and fun portrayed by our hosts as well as the vidoe editing process.


  • The video will be around 10 minutes starting with the two hosts greet through the video introducing Putrajaya. After the introduction, the host will take the viewers around Putrajaya where the camera will shoot everything they do. There will be no live talking since voice over will be done after everything is done.
  • The video will have music background along with voice over description of places.
  • Not many text will be put on the video accept on the start scene of every place, at the start before the introduction and the end during the credit.
  • It will have a reminiscing memory theme a little bit…
  • The video will attract viewer to watch through the concept we will be bringing, the funny ad lib and beautiful angle of pictures and shoot we’ll be capturing.


Since it’s almost like a travellog, we hardly can sketch any places as we know no place in sequence where we will be doing.

Update~ Update~

Assalamualaikum and konnichiwa~

It’s me, Qila…I’m going to update a little bit about this week’s progress. First of all, if u noticed, we have created a page based on last week’s prototype activities….There’s video gallery and photo gallery. On Wednesday (28/3/12) we had a discussion because we had plan on doing the video production this Friday. Venue is at the Dewan in KTAMS at 11.00 a.m. after our class. Basically, we discussed about the transport and a change of plan on how we’re going to produce the video.  We re-watched a few episodes of Destinasi Bajet to get a more clear picture on how we will be doing things as well as rehearsal on the introduction parts. Instead of using public transport, we plan to just use the car to travel around Putrajaya.

We also discussed about the equipment. Asri managed to get the form to borrow the equipment so we’ll fill it as long as we conform the car we’re renting. We’ll try to find some microphone by time. The discussion was recorded and put on the video gallery. It’s not very good quality since it’s using only 2 megapixel phone camera. Even the sound is barely heard. The video is considered as our behind the scene video and practice before we edit the real video.

We also had some bad news, the trip we plan on this Friday will be postponed to after holiday as it’s too late to book the car or the camera.

Do look at our video and photo gallery and comment. Thank you. That’s all for today~!!!

Week 2 Update

Hai Hai~

Aqila’s here….

I’m here to give an update on what we’ve been doing so far. First of all, since I promised to update the places we’ll be covering in our video production, here it is:

Masjid Besi


Taman Botani


Taman Warisan


Pasar Tani Terpanjang Malaysia

Jambatan Putrajaya


I know we won’t be covering a lot of place but we’re worried that too much place is equal to too much time consuming that we can’t do much activities. So we’ll just focus on this place and try to uncover the excitement and beauty of these places.

Changes of task given happened this week. Asri who was supposed to be in charge of sound and music decided to take on my task of doing the story board. He said he has ideas on developing the storyboard. Although our task changes, we’ll be doing it together. There’s also changes of host/ actor. Instead of doing just one host, we’ll be doing 2 host starring me and luqman. Good Luck to us both since we’re not really good in talking.

Next update is BAD NEWS….We don’t think we’ll have enough equipment!!!! We don’t have any camcorder or microphone. How are we going to record the sound? Is there anyone that can help us with this? If this problem can’t be resolved, we won’t be too much talking…maybe an ‘IAN WRIGHT’ format of documentary-ing. I’m really worried.

I guess that’s all for this week….I’ll update more later~



An Outing to Remember


To Introduce to the people the beauty and wonder of Putrajaya

To introduce to the people the food and activities that they can enjoy around Putrajaya.

To create awareness to the people that they do not have to go oversea to enjoy beautiful architecture when Putrajaya is filled with beautiful architecture.








Basically, this video is documentary introducing to travelers and tourists the beauty insight of Putrajaya through the beautiful places, unique architecture, fun activities to try out and delicious food places to explore.